Chasing Sunsets: Beach Wedding Photography in Cape Town

Beach weddings in Cape Town are nothing short of enchanting. The sun-kissed shores, the rhythmic lull of the waves, and the stunning coastal landscapes set the stage for unforgettable moments of love and celebration.


As Cape Town wedding photographers, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing and capturing the sheer magic that unfolds when couples exchange their vows against the backdrop of these picturesque beaches.


Ellie and Anro were one such couple, and being able to partake in capturing the wonder from behind the lens was a truly special occassion.



welcome sign to beach wedding 

Beach Wedding Charm

Cape Town’s allure as a beach wedding destination is undeniable. The city boasts a plethora of pristine beaches, each offering its unique charm and ambiance. Whether it’s the rugged beauty of Clifton’s secluded coves or the wide expanses of Camps Bay with the Twelve Apostles as a backdrop, couples are spoilt for choice when selecting their dream beach wedding venue.


Ellie and Anro chose to exchange their vows on an intimately secluded beach in Cape Town. It was bliss – the only people present were themselves, and their closest family and friends.



guests smiling at wedding reception on beach


The Importance of Sunset Moments

Among the many captivating facets of beach weddings, none quite compares to the allure of sunset moments. The golden hour, as the sun dips below the horizon, bathes everything in its warm, soft glow, creating an atmosphere that’s nothing short of magical. Capturing these precious moments is a privilege we hold dear in our team of wedding photographers.


The play of light and shadow, and the colours that you find across the sky make for unforgettable moments. Add to that the genuine emotions shared by Ellie and Anro on this day, and it’s a recipe for a love story as timeless as the tides.


We had seemingly overcast weather throughout the day, but as the ceremony was drawing to a close, we had some fairytale-like colours as a back-drop that we needed to take advantage of 🙂


couple walking on beach after wedding


couple dancing on a beach at their wedding


groom picking up his bride on the beach on their wedding day  

detailed shot of groom's hands around his bride's waist as he holds her on the beach


groom looking at his bride as they walk hand in hand on the beach next to the waves


groom holding bride on beach


groom and bride walking hand in hand on the beach


groom keeping bride warm with his jacket on the beach


The Magic of Golden Hour

The golden hour is a phenomenon cherished by us as wedding photographers and couples alike. It’s during this fleeting window of time that the world is painted in hues of gold and pink, creating an enchanting atmosphere that’s ideal for capturing the most beautiful and romantic wedding photos.

We had a small window of time to take advantage of the unreal painting above us, and thereafter, it started to get a bit nippy, so we worked around the day to ensure we had the most important moments of the day on film.


Ellie and Anro made their way to reception after, to join the guests in celebration of their marriage.


Intimate & Natural… Nature at work. This beach wedding was etched in time… An amazing honour for us as a team to be a part of it.

Thank you guys!

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