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Hello “wildly-in-love” soul. I’m Rani, a Mauritus wedding photographer and lover of all things “beach”

Need a Mauritius wedding photographer? Well we just love Marius weddings, and if you’ve ever dreamed of having your wedding on an exotic island, sand between your toes, wind at your back, the smell of fresh ocean and a sea breeze floating through your hair…. then you need not look further that a wedding in Mauritius. It’s simply the perfect backdrop for your wedding photography.

With and array of aqua ocean fronts and luxury hotels to pick from, Mauritius is a top wedding destination …. not to mention, you’re practically on the doorstep of a romantic honeymoon experience to enjoy the first few weeks of married life in Mauritius right after your wedding – how’s that for a wedding package.


Being based in Mauritius as a wedding photographer helps in knowing exactly which parts of the day, and secluded spots, make for the perfect wedding photography, and there’s no better printed canvas then the one we’ll shoot during golden hour.

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The best stories are the ones you were fully present to enjoy. Your wedding should be nothing short of that, and your wedding photography should  capture the essence of what that means

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Shepstone Gardens Wedding Venue

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