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Wedding Photography Packages for your special day


Wedding Photography

Our photography packages are designed to provide you with an array of options around the extent of coverage you require on the day. We have smaller shoot packages starting from 3 hours, to cater for selected moments in the day, to full day packages of 10 hours +, for a complete scope of coverage on your wedding day. 


Wedding Photography

Where stills are an amazing way of capturing the emotion and beauty of a single moment, a cinematic film can breathe life into your reflection of the events on your special day. Our Deluxe Package includes both photography and videography, a cinematic film can however be added to any photography package that best suits your needs. 


Wedding Photography

As everyone’s day is distinctly unique and special, we understand you wanting to design a package that best suits your needs on the day. Feel free to reach out so we can chat through what it is you need, and impart some advice from our experience, to ensure you have a package that’s just right for you, and the moments you would like captured on your special day.

custom wedding Photography packages

Wedding Photography and Videography packages

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We love talking through what it is you’re looking for on your wedding day, and seeing how we can help ensure things are just the way you need them.

We get the extent of how special this is – it’s what makes capturing the bursts of emotion throughout the day such an honour to document. 

Let’s start by seeing how we can assist in shaping our services around your needs.

Captured Moments

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

I literally screamed when I opened the gallery. We LOVE them 🙂 I am super excited for wedding photos as well. I am so glad I worked with you. THE BEST!

Eunhee Moss