Palm Dune Beach Lodge

There’s always something magical about beach weddings. Apart from the amazing backdrop, it’s quite serene to have a wedding at the ocean. If weather permits, it’s best to set the altar up on the beach, I mean, that should be the motivating reason you intend on having your wedding day at the beach, shouldn’t it? That’s the reason why having beach wedding at Palm Dune Beach Lodge ticks all the boxes


Beach Wedding Palm Dune Beach Lodge​

Having a wedding on the beach

All too often, couples plan their “beach weddings”, only to find that the venue sets up the ceremony and reception indoors, with a view of the ocean accessible outside the premises. The true magic of the day is tied together by the smell of the ocean, and the sound of the crashing waves… It’s the symphony of sound and smell that takes your wedding day to a magical level.


Why you should get married at Palm Dune Beach Lodge

Palm Dune Beach Lodge is a venue that’s set up beautifully for this. Everything, from the flowers, decor, altar and sound is organised in such a way that you’re bound to capture the essence of all that a beach wedding has to offer.

Palm Dune Beach Lodge is also situated on a private beach, so there’s no chance of sun-bathers or surfers creeping in your pictures 🙂 Just the beautiful moments of the two of you exchanging vows, with family and friends to witness.

On this particular day, it was overcast, with a bit of a wind, but the guests had an amazing time, and the wind made for some amazing couples portraits… Ellie’s hair and dress cascaded with the breeze, and Anro was on hand to provide his bride with some warmth through the slightly nippy bits. It made for some amazingly candid and intimate moments. We loved it!